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about the School of Thought

"Knowing oneself" has always been considered a key to fulfillment and happiness, and for the first instance, we think that we really know ourselves, but is this really true?
When we are not in touch with our personal presence, and do not take our awareness to a higher levels, habit becomes our way of living.
Self-awareness is our gateway to acquiring a firm grip on reality, for it fills our lives with purpose, determination, and hope. It also awakes in us vast potentials through which we can uncover the treasures of creativity, talent, and intelligence lying within us. In other words, awareness becomes a necessary condition to achieve a clearly delineated growth, at character building and at a spiritual level.

"Willpower is the human desire to undertake full responsibility of oneself, behavior and action, to realize what one deserves to be."

-- Nora AlShuhail

Awareness is the tool and the means to achieve willpower. The greater one's awareness, the higher chances one has to present solutions rather than problems.

What is the philosophy of the school?

At the core of our philosophy is the notion of letting go of the past and accepting the present. This notion represents a transformational point whereby an individual gains strong Willpower (Erada).

The first step in acquiring willpower is becoming aware. The greater the awareness, the greater the ability to manage one's willpower. Learning begins when we view the aware individual as one who interacts with life and its givens with sincerity, thus discovering the treasures of creativity, talent, and intelligence within.

The second step in becoming aware is realizing. Realizing begins when we notice the thoughts that harm our energies, and when we understand what are the elements behind our negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, fears, and pain. We thus begin to use this knowledge to direct ourselves towards positive thoughts.

The third step in becoming aware is liberating. Liberating begins when we tap into our intellectual independence, thus reaching a stage of freedom and daily regeneration providing us with complete responsibility for our actions and expressions, which helps us become the persons whom we have always longed to be.

The fourth step in becoming aware is empowering. Empowering begins when we recognize the dynamics of thoughts, the power of intuition, and the intelligence of the body; thus realizing that change is a profound and structural phenomenon in the thought, feeling, and action.

Erada's approach to awareness therapy

Erada uses a number of techniques as keys to liberating willpower and acquiring awareness:

1. Teaching breathing techniques to let go of negative bodily energies leading to the liberation of
     the body from toxins stored by previous thinking patterns.

2. Teaching the technique of investigating the truth behind your thought, convictions, opinions and

3. Teaching techniques of cleansing the body from the negative effects of thought on it through:

     a. Learning the Louise Hay school of psychosomatic illnesses.

     b. Practicing self-healing.

     c. Committing to positive affirmations, which aim at creating a link between mind, body, and
         emotion. This technique leads to one result, namely the complete presence in the present
         moment and the taking of full responsibility with regards to the past.

4. Teaching the technique of being in the present moment that provides the practitioner with the
     ability to realize his/her moments of clarity and awareness versus moments of mind/body

5. Teaching how to use self-awareness to design and execute personal plans that come in service
     to oneself and to others in his/her life.