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About the company

Erada is a Saudi Arabian company that aspires to spread all aspects of human awareness–spiritual, mental, physical and social–by awakening the potential lying within individuals, and transforming it into a state of conduct.
In achieving it’s mission of spreading awareness, Erada adapts a three-pronged strategy that includes a publishing house, a training center, and an event organizer.
The mastermind behind Erada is Nora Abdullah AlShuhail, a consultant and trainer in the field of Self-help and Awareness Development. Nora has twelve years of fieldwork experience in the Middle East and draws from a variety of established schools of thought in her work.
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Erada as a publishing office

Erada publishes and translates books and publications that nourish the soul and the mind, as well as books that contain techniques allowing for better mastery of willpower and acquisition of awareness. 
Among Erada's translated work is: "Breathe Deep,Laugh Loudly" by Judith Kravitz and "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie.
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In addition, we have accumulated a selection of books, music, and movies that inspire us.
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Erada as a training center

Training is the key to changing a thought and the behavior resulting from it. Erada designs its programs according to the methodology and philosophy of its school of thought giving its trainees opportunity for a comprehensive change in personality and behavior allowing for increased willpower and motivation towards goals of goodness towards oneself and others…
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Erada as an event organizer

Erada hosts speakers, authors, local and international, to discuss various theories on self-healing and awareness. Erada organizes retreats, conferences, workshops, and courses in different locations of the Middle East and abroad.
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Erada responsibility: "In goodness we work"

Erada’s work has a clear social dimension; in strengthening the will and determination of an individual, we in turn empower the society as a whole. An aware individual can only be a fair one, with the self as with the other, because (s)he is aware of his/her inner worth, and understands that it is a gift given with life.
Our ultimate aim is to bring together a community of trustworthy people from the all over the MENA region. All taking part in conversations, learning from us and one another, sharing their stories and experiences with everyone, reading and gathering in events.